As a world traveler using Airbnb, who later became a host on Airbnb and now owns a Vacation Rental Management company (Venture Yours) I will help you navigate with a few Airbnb Tips that will go a long way.

What are the most important features with so many filters and options?  In this article, we will focus on 3 topics I hear from travelers often.  

  1. How to Save money
  2. How to Save time 
  3. How to have a more comfortable & upscale experience


Some travelers are on airbnb because they want to save money, but sometimes it seems that when booking, they end up spending more money than they had originally calculated for.  

Tip #1 Stay for a 1 Week+ for Discounts

Airbnb urges hosts to provide discounts for guests staying 1 week.  Even larger discounts for monthly stays.  The longer you stay, the more of a discount you receive 

Tip #2 Pay Attention to the Added Fee’s

In the past, a traveler would search on Airbnb and see one price.  Later, the traveler would check out and the “added fee’s” were shown.  This felt deceiving and because Airbnb is a platform where hosts decide their prices, the prices varied quite a bit.  In recent times, Airbnb has created a screenshot view to easily show the total.  This made it much easier for the traveler to see what he/she is actually spending.  Click on the total amount to see the cost broken down. (nightly stay, cleaning fee, etc)

Tip #3 Last Minute Discounts

If your booking a last minute trip, you’re likely to get a last minute discount.  It’s a win-win; travelers get a discount and the owner fills their home and receives some income.

Tip #4 Filter by Price Range

While this seems like a no brainer, it can easily be forgotten.  Filter by the amount you want to spend and Airbnb will only show those properties.


Airbnb has become oversaturated with properties and it can take too much time to look through all the properties.  Below are some tips for a quick booking experience.

Tip #1 Use Instant Book

Filter properties that allow for Instant Book.  This means you can book instantly without needing to talk to the homeowner.  Cuts out quite a bit of time.

Tip #2 Filter by “Type of Place”

With so many properties available,the more specific you can be with Airbnb, the more tailored the property will be for you.  In the filter options, you can filter by the Type of Place (Entire House, Private Room, Hotel Room, Shared Room)  Happy Filtering…

Tip #3 Filter by “House Rules”

If you know you are traveling with a pet, this filter will save you loads of time.  


Airbnb grew and it grew quick.  With that, a common complaint was not knowing the quality of home they were going to walk into.  If you’re the type of traveler that likes style & comfort and willing to pay the padded price, this is for you. 

Tip #1 Filter by “Airbnb Plus” or “Airbnb Luxe”

By filtering “Airbnb Plus,”, you are asking for high quality homes with hosts known for great reviews.  Every home that is part of Airbnb plus is verified through in-person quality inspection to ensure quality and design.

By filtering “Airbnb Luxe,” you are asking for the most extraordinary homes.  The homes are pristine, expertly designed homes with luxury amenities, services and a dedicated trip designer. 

Tip #2 Choose the Amenities

If you’re not quite looking for Airbnb Plus or Luxe but there are amenities you know would make your trip more comfortable (jacuzzi, breakfast, etc) you can filter those amenities.

You’re ready to successfully start your airbnb search.  Happy Travels and if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message

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