Our Treehouse Reality

Lovers Treehouse is our future mountain vacation rental. If you haven’t been following the journey, view our Lovers Treehouse Blog for the whole story. The treehouse has made great strides – some that didn’t necessarily seem doible, and yet here we are with another large hurdle….

Large Strides Made – After MUCH back and forth with the county and plan corrections, our treehouse plans were permitted as a Single Family Residence, thus creating and implementing a treehouse code in the San Bernardino County Jurisdiction. This means 2 things…

1. We are the first permitted Treehouse home in California and in many other states.

2. Now anyone looking to build a treehouse in the San Bernardino County Jurisdiction will be able to 😉

Current Hurdle – We need 2 parking spots; in order to do that we need to excavate and build an 18′ retaining wall (the cost of that would roughly cost the same as the house)

How you can Help

1. If you know of a dependable and fair contractor (oxymoron?) contact us!

[looking for a excavator and retaining wall contractor,]

2. If you or someone you know wants to partner and labor the job in turn for real estate ownership and annual return, contact us!

Tips for Building a Treehouse

  • Look for land that is somewhat flat to avoid a retaining wall for onsite parking 😉
  • Work with an architect who understands tree’s (the future mobility, health of the tree, etc)
  • When asked to show proof of the tree’s good health, contact us and we’ll point you in the direction of a reasonable and very experienced Arborist who specializes in Treehouses. He’s not only a tree house encyclopedia, but he also know how to write up the report for the city you’re submitting plans to.
  • If interested in seeing the steps to build a a treehouse, check out Lovers Treehouse Blog