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Everything you need to operate a successful vacation rental while still maintaining a presence in the process.

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Essential Management

15% Management Fee

We’ve found that some homeowners really enjoy being part of the guest relations process and want to be involved while the guest is on their property. If you’d like to be the point of contact for your guests from checkin to checkout while we handle everything pre and post stay then Essential Management is the level for you. Give us a call, we’d love to discuss helping you optimize your property for more bookings and increased profits with our Essential Management service.

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Essential Management Includes the Following Services:

  • Professional Photography & Listing

    Venture Yours will list and manage your property across dozens of booking channels such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, etc

    It’s no surprise that professional photos equal more nights booked. Have you been thinking how much more income you would see, if you had professional photos? Think no more, professional photography is included in the both our Management Services. Photos create trust and are a reflection of who you as an owner, not just a representation of your property. Professional photos, that is. Dark images may have you looking dishonest. Messy rooms can have you look unpleasant.

    Professional photos are a key marketing tool; your photos are the doorway for your guest to walk through and digitally become your guest. This starts your guest on the right foot for a world-class hospitality experience. The first-class experience is then reflected in your reviews, which are further proof to travelers of your amazing vacation rental. Thus increasing your bottom line.

    Venture Yours will craft your listing by creating a full story for your guests with your Photos, Title and Description, Amenities, House Rules, Check in and Cancellation Policies, Pricing and Cleaning Fee, along with other details. Here you can stipulate strict rules such as No Pets, etc.

  • Marketing and Price Optimization

    Venture Yours knows the importance of marketing and has therefore implemented a marketing team focused on maximizing the exposure of your property.

    In order to optimize pricing, we change pricing based on season, holidays, last minute discounts; the pricing is changing daily!  This assures we are optimizing rates year round, ensuring your home is truly maximizing its potential.  You can expect to see a 10-40% improvement.

  • Guest Communication

    The Essential Management Service will assure pre & post communication with your guests. This means all Booking Confirmations, Questions, Check In instructions, and Reviews after your guest stay will be handled by Venture Yours. If a guest asks “is there a blender at the property,” we handle. If they ask “Can we have an early check in or late check out,” we handle. If they ask “Can we alter our dates,” we handle.

  • Inquiries & Bookings

    We have a team on call, 7 days a week, who responds to every inquiry and confirms reservations; ensuring a streamlined booking experience for your guests and more nights booked for you.

  • Interior Design

    If your home is in Orange County or Long Beach we offer Interior Design Services.  Learn More https://www.ventureyours.com/interior-design/

    We’ve all seen a friend posing in a stunning vacation home somewhere in the world – wanting to book the place for ourselves. When you style your vacation home right, your guests will do your marketing for you.  With a growing market, there is more competition; having your property stand out is vital and can enhance your guests experience, leading to better reviews & more bookings.  

    We know the importance of design and have taken our Management services one step further by offering Interior Design Services to our homeowners, at a cost less than the industry norm. 

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Step 1

Choose Management Type

Choose Essential or Complete management and we manage your property for a percentage of the total income per booking based on the level you choose.

Step 2

Home Inspection

We will go into your home and make sure you are set up prior to your first booking. We let you know what needs to be done prior to your Final Inspection.

Step 3

Professional Photography

Once your Final Inspection is complete, we schedule the photographer to come in and shoot your space!

Step 4

Begin Earning

We handle the day-to-day management of your property, you’ll have full visibility through our owner dashboard 24/7 and can check in at any time and stay connected to your property.


Venture Yours is a member of the Vacation Rental Managers Association