Cleobella Bali Villa

Everyone has a story: This space is for us to connect with community and share stories. Connecting with those we admire, hearing the trials & triumphs, empowering each other and maybe coming away with a thought you hadn’t looked at before or maybe one to revisit.

Today’s feature is on someone I love and adore; she and her husband own Cleobella (a purse, and women’s apparel company – inspired by travel.) Angela is one of those people that has a million and 1 things going on at once and while many of us know being a mother, wife and business owner can be stressful… she seems to do it with ease and remains true to her family. Proud of all she’s accomplished and even more proud to call her family.

Who is Cleobella you ask? Let’s hear it from Ang…

Interview with Cleobella in Bali Villa

How did the Cleobella journey start and where is Cleobella today?

Cleobella started in 2006 when two starry eyed kids left their life in California and traveled around the world for a year. On our travels we designed and imported treasures from Bali, India and Thailand to sell back home. The idea was, how do we create a business so we can continue to travel. Fast forward 2018 and we have made our dream a reality. We have lived in Bali the last 12 years almost 5 months out of the years and we set photo shoot locations to travel destinations we want to explore annually like, Cuba, India, Turkey, Paris, Thailand. As our business has grown our family has grown and we take our children with us everywhere.

How does travel inspire you when designing?

There is a freedom and curiosity that is born every time you are on the road. I’m constantly inspired by the way others live and family cultures that have been passed down generation after generation. Cleobella’s hand drawn prints and embroideries always have a story of a place or people we have met on our journey.

Being that we (Venture Yours) creates and manages vacation rentals, we’re dying to hear about your property in Bali…!

We live in a sweet little villa behind a local family who are Monku’s of their village. Our home is our sanctuary and behind the walls it is peaceful and quiet. The area has been recently developed by an expat community so there are less rice fields and more cafes and shopping these days. We have seen Bali change tremendously over the years, however, we still find the beauty wherever we look.

Where is somewhere your wanting to travel to? What do you love about traveling?

I would love to travel to Greece, married to a surfer it’s rare we travel to bodies of water without surf. I look forward to exploring the Greek Island One day. My favorite part about traveling is that I truly connect with my most authentic self. I find comfort in the unknown and the unexpected.

What is something you can’t live without when Traveling/ tips for being fashionable while traveling?

Comfort, how do you pack it all in 1 bag? My wardrobe is comfortable when I travel. I mostly wear dark colors that are easy to keep clean. I put my hair in a ponytail and always wear a backpack. I pack light and make room for treasures that I can bring back to my home in California that remind me of the places I’ve been.

Travel is Venture Yours ‘ biggest inspiration; we enjoy that travel connects us to our presence. In a world where everything is at our fingertips and it can be hard to be present, is there something in your daily life that connects you to your presence?

I have a daily gratitude prayer that is always my meditation. Gratitude keeps me grounded and connected to my truth. Even when I’m lost, it always brings me back to my higher self.