Homeowner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about General Property Management, Vacation Rental Property Management and working with Venture Yours


  • How much more can you make me?

    That depends on how much you’re making now, and on the research specifically to your property. We can tell you some of our averages:

    1. Our average monthly bookings are 15-20 nights a month. In high season our healthy listings can book 25 day+
    2. Our company has raving reviews & 4.8 stars across our properties; when we manage your property, you instantly take on our logo’s reputation. With our reviews, usage history, and your property being a new listing, rental platforms will push your listing to be noticed.
    3. We market on various booking channels (such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Kayak, etc) Additionally we market on our website, Instagram, Facebook, through Google Searches, etc.

  • Can we do a trial period?

    Yes, you can stop our services whenever you’d like; there is no long term contract – we only ask that existing reservations be honored in consideration of our guests and that you give us a 30 day notice so that we can prepare any last statements and close out account

  • How Can I Make my Property One of the ``Healthy`` Listings?

    Quite simply by letting go and letting Venture Yours optimize your listing with pricing, photos, Response Time, Marketing, etc. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and while some owners may have been renting their property for that amount of time or maybe even longer, the times are changing and quick! The Vacation Rental industry has seen a growth of 10% Compound Annual Growth (that means this industry is booming!) The competition is fiercer than ever, but that isn’t something you need to worry about, because we already are.

  • What cities / states does venture yours operate in?

    For our Essential Management we offer our services nationwide. For our Complete Management we currently offer services in Long Beach, Lake arrowhead and Orange County.


  • Are there additional fees?

    Venture Yours does not add additional fees such as stocking fee per traveler, Marketing Fee, Professional Photographer fee, Booking Channel Fee. We keep it simple by offering 2 Management Services, and there aren’t any added fees.

    If your home is not up to today’s technology (Digital Key, Streaming and Bluetooth Speaker)we will work with you to bring you up to date. (more information in the Technology and Inventory Section below)

  • How does Venture Yours protect my home?

    Venture Yours is insured with an E&O policy as well as:

    • A 1m policy available when taking reservations through Airbnb, VRBO, & Expedia
    • Venture Yours’ homeowners implement their own house rules
    • If using our Complete Management, we implement routine Housekeeping and Maintenance Quality Control
    • Venture Yours requires security deposits

    Depending on which platform the reservation is made, Venture Yours may not receive a security deposit from the traveler and instead any claim for damage or violation of house rules may require a claim submission from venture yours in which documentation of damage and reference to fair market value is required. In such instances Venture Yours makes no guarantee of full or partial reimbursement.

  • Are there any cancellation fees if Venture Yours has confirmed a reservation and I decide not to host any longer?

    Cancellations should be avoided. They tremendously impact the guest who has made the booking and may involve many more people. In addition, Venture Yours suffers tremendously. To prevent this and from compensating for the work that is required to salvage the damage caused by a cancellation, Venture Yours has a $2,500 reservation cancellation fee. Our cancellation fee is meant to cover us for the irreparable damage that a cancellation causes to our reputation and online search result ranking – which is the bloodline of our business and our client’s. In addition to the backtracking and make up work that must be done to overcome such a scarlet letter, it’s a long, winding road we must overcome just to get back to even, that can take months of double and triple time work.

  • Are there any extenuating circumstances so that there are no cancellation fees?

    In many cases cancellation fees can be avoided if the reason for the cancellation is:

    • unexpected death or serious illness of a host, guest or immediate family member
    • serious injury that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host
    • significant natural disasters or severe weather incidents impacting the location of destination or location of departure
    • urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories issued after the time of booking, by an appropriate national or international authority (such as a government office or department)
    • endemic disease declared by a credible national or international authority (such as the us center for * disease control or the world health organization)
    • severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the ability to host safely
    • government-mandated obligations issued after the time of booking (ex: jury duty)

    These are reviewed independently, require sufficient documentary evidence and may ultimately be decided by not only Venture Yours staff but the listing platform as well in which the reservation was made.


  • When can I expect my payout?

    Funds go to the Trust account and then are dispersed once a month to the owners (via direct deposit or check) along with a monthly financial statement. Additionally you have access to your homeowners Dashboard where you can see full review of finance statements.

  • Who Pays for the Consumables and what are the Consumables?

    If you are using our Complete Management, we pay. If you are using Essential Management, the owner pays. Consumables included for Complete Management are: Shampoo & Conditioner (Organic Ingredients & Paraben Free) Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Dishwasher Detergent, Sponges, & Trash Bags.

  • Who pays the TOT (hotel tax)?

    For certain booking channels and regions, TOT is charged to the guest booking the home and the tax is paid directly to the city from the booking channel.  Whereas in other cities the TOT is not charged to the guest. In such cases, the tot responsibility is that of the owner to remit to the city timely.

  • How much does venture yours charge?

    We make it simple by offering 2 Management Services:

    The Essential Management fee is 20% of the nightly booking fee. This means our fee does not charge on the cleaning fee, or any refundable fees or deposits.

    The Complete Management fee is 30% of the nightly booking fee.


  • What are the Venture Yours Property Management services?

    Essential Management: 15% Booking Fee | Nationwide Service

    • Professional Listing
    • Inquiries & Bookings
    • Marketing & Innovative Pricing
    • Guest Communications

    Complete Management: 30% Booking Fee
    Essential Services +

    • Guest Support 7-days A Week
    • Professional Photography
    • Housekeeping & Turnover
    • Quality Control
    • Guests Consumables
    • Scheduling Repairs

  • Does venture yours have staff nearby if something happens?

    With Complete Management, Yes. We think it’s an important trait in selecting a property manager. Having eyes and ears on site and nearby is critical to our homeowners and travelers well being, as well as their home.

  • If a guest needs support who do they contact?

    The guests will have the phone number of the property manager.

  • Can you design and furnish my house? How much are design services?

    Yes, we have a variety of options to fit your needs depending on how hands on or hands off you’d like to be. Please visit our Design Services page for details about these services.


  • What are the realities of turning my home into a vacation rental?

    There is a good amount of money to be made from making your a home into a mini hotel and with that there are also downsides. Understanding that strangers will become guests and being prepared for wear and tear. You will see things go missing (silverware, kitchen towels, etc) for reasons like taking a spoon in the car and forgetting to bring it back. Things such as these are cost of being in the business.

  • Does Venture Yours meet the guests in person for check in?

    No, we find that travelers aren’t on a strict schedule and would rather use our keyless entry to check in whenever is most convenient for them.

  • How does Venture Yours verify guests that stay in my home?

    Venture Yours relies on the booking channel verification software which runs background checks on all U.S. Residents, including other hosts and guests, looking for matches with terrorist watch lists, financial sanctions, felony convictions, sex offender registrations, or significant misdemeanors.

  • Can I Keep my Housekeeper?

    If you are using our Essential Management, Yes. We will provide you with a guide of how to work with your housekeeper to make things such as turnover, and quality control easier on you.

    If you are using our Complete Management, No. We have a 6 Step Process when Hiring our Housekeepers and we work together to make sure the quality of your home is well kept.


  • Can you Explain How to bring my home up to date with today's technology?

    The average age of people booking vacation rental sites are between 25-35. We make sure your property embraces today’s household technologies – smart tv for Streaming, Keyless entry, and Bluetooth speaker (never spending more than $175 to be up to date).

    Breakdown of the products:

    • Smart TV: $35 -Purchase of a fire stick converts your TV to allow for Streaming. If you don’t subscribe to a streaming service, you can purchase one through Netflix for 8.99/mth. Additionally if you use Sprint or Spotify Premium you may be eligible for a free Hulu account.
    • Keyless entry: $100
    • Bluetooth speaker: $35

  • Do you take an inventory of items in my home before my first reservation?

    Yes, we create an inventory list of items we will check after each turnover. Additionally, for insurance purposes, you will want to photograph each room in your home and ensure separate, up close shots of any item that is of value (along with identifying -model, serial number, E.G. Over time you may notice things like tupperware or silverware go missing, towels may discolor / stain over time as will linens. This is the cost of doing business.