Forbes reported in 2014 that the average vacation expense per person in the United States is $1,145 per person. While this number has fluctuated with the growth of companies like Airbnb in the vacation rental management industry, there’s no arguing that taking a vacation in the United States is a costly undertaking. Capitalizing on the benefits of Airbnb management and other vacation rental management organizations, vacationers can cut costs and improve the quality of their vacation experience in one easy booking.

Affordable Space

Booking hotel accommodations is a pretty straightforward process. For couples or friends traveling together, it’s a question of how many beds and what size beds are needed, and you can pretty much expect a decent sized room, a closet, a bathroom, and a small television. For families, you’ll have to upgrade to suites or adjoined rooms, upping the costs per night with little added value to the experience.

Vacation rental management companies position their properties to be competitively priced relative to hotels, and offer traveling families living spaces on par with the homes they’ve temporarily left behind. And if multiple families are traveling together, managed vacation rental properties offer the opportunity to scale the space to fit the group’s needs and cut costs even more for all families involved.

Unique Amenities

Airbnb management and other vacation rental management companies can work with property owners in order to include a number of amenities vacationers won’t be able to find in a hotel. One cost saving service offered in vacation rental properties is fast and convenient WiFi, which oftentimes comes at a cost in traditional hotels. Similarly, properties oftentimes include access to cable television or streaming services, great for families winding down in the evenings after a day out and about. Properties that include a washer and dryer on premises are a boon for traveling families and will help save them the costs of finding a laundry service or coin-operated facility, as well as allow the family to pack lighter for the trip.

Finding Massive Savings in the Kitchen

Let’s do a quick experiment. Think about the last time you ordered delivery from your favorite restaurant or went out to eat with your family. Whether you’re a couple dining out or a family of four, you’re looking at a bill of between $30-$50 for dinner, easily. Now, if you’re vacationing and renting a hotel room, with no kitchenette, you’ll have to order out or dine out for every meal. For some, this might be part of the vacation experience, but it can make the vacation experience extremely expensive. For families looking for ways to reduce costs and maximize the value of their vacation experience, a managed vacation rental property can be a massive source of savings. The ability to buy supplies as needed at a nearby grocery store and cook meals in the rental unit cuts the per-meal costs exponentially, allowing that money to go towards the vacation experience.

Affordable Vacation at Your Fingertips

Airbnb management and vacation rental management companies like Venture Yours work with rental owners to competitively position properties on the market to ensure vacationers know the perks and amenities offered by each unique property. Venture Yours offers various levels of service managing your rental property, from booking and marketing of the property to complete management services, allowing owners to go about their day-to-day while we ensure your investment remains profitable and well-maintained. We’ll ensure families vacationing in your market know what your property has to offer and ensure their vacation experience is world-class.