Linda and Brendan’s Honeymoon

Back in 2009, I married my honey and we set off to do some mooning around the world; never fully realizing, it would change our lives forever.

Our story is a bit rare, in that we met at the innocent age of 16 and fell pretty darn hard for each other. At 24, we got married and ventured into a year long honeymoon. Coming home we were broke and moved in with my parents (which surprisingly worked very well 😉 Soon after, we bought a sailboat and called it home for a year and a half… the story goes on…

So, a bit rare, and not perfect… my husband leaves messes and I get frustrated; I try new things and he worries, work/life balance, yadi yadi ya…

I feel gratitude that we received these moments to grow together and connect with such presence.

As time goes on, we find ourselves going back to travel; Whether it’s because we feel connected to our truth, or because we enjoy the experience of the uncomfortable & where it may lead. We are drawn to travel and it has become meditative. While being still, jumping off a cliff, or trying to communicate in a different language… it’s the state we are in while traveling that has transformed our lives.

Traveling is one of Venture Yours’ biggest influence and we enjoy that this business keeps us doing just that.

Pics below of our honeymoon travels –