Exploring Mexico and it’s Vastness

Let’s talk Mexico – over the years there have been drug problems, fear, and less tourism. I grew up going deep into Mexico before any of this was ever associated with this beautiful country… When music and bright colors were part of the daily street life, when people stayed up till the wee hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time…

This past trip felt like a taste of just that; Seeing life. We were lucky enough to visit Mexico to attend my cousin’s wedding and if you’ve never been to a Mexican wedding in Mexico, you really ought to try getting to one! Mexico is quite large and we stuck to the central coast of Mexico; Check out my list of things to do in Sayulita and the surrounding area.


– Make sure to go to “Isla Marietas” It’s a secluded island/cave in the middle of the ocean

– A bit touristy, but defiantly the spot for a dreamy dinner (“the restaurant strip”) Take your shoes off and hit the restaurants on the sand, overlooking the ocean

– Stay at this Punta Mita airbnb – If your looking to live with the locals, these suites are far enough from the main drag, but close enough to walk to 😉 4 blocks from the beach and a killer roof top situation. The suites include a kitchen, living room and daily room service.


– This town is the perfect mix between mellow surf culture and vibrant Mexican community. Best beach in Mexico so far, and I’ve grown up traveling through Mexico. Wins for best combination of beach and town life, go!

– Eat Elote and Tacos


– Walk the plaza and the nearby vendors in the ally – lots of leather shoes and beaded handmade jewlery 😉

– If you have boots or shoes that need repairing, this is defiantly the place to get them fixed!

– Stay at Hotel Fray Junipero Serra – in the middle of the plaza and close to it all


– We were here for a wedding and it’s quite the view for the event; other than that we didn’t really explore the town

– Stay at Santa Maria Resort, Boutique Collection