Lake Arrowhead Airbnb

Perspective in Arrowhead

“I like the green mountains ma” Before heading to Altitude Adjustment (Lake Arrowhead airbnb) I was taking my son to preschool when he looked at my coffee mug and said “I like the green mountains ma” . This is the loved mug, the one my husband and I steal from each other, so loved, it’s peeling… My son didn’t see a mug that was so worn it was peeling, he saw beautiful mountains… Perspective.

These past 2 days at Altitude Adjustment (Lake Arrowhead cabin rental) have been filled with perspective. Gratitude in solitude; the gratitude for my life continues to shift my perspective. I left for this trip and immediately, it felt bitter/sweet; bitter because I already missed my beautiful family and sweet because I was about to indulge in solitude. I quickly fell in line with the sweetness of solitude. I was on a hike to “The Pinnacles” and extreme gratitude filled my body, to the point of extreme tears. Solitude is a gift I’ve enjoyed from the time I was a child but with kids, a husband, running a business and everything else life offers, solitude becomes a challenge. I am grateful for this realization and look forward to intentionally incorporating solitude in my daily life to connect with my inner gratitude voice.



  • Diane’s Saddleback Inn and Grill: All ages and karaoke every Tuesday and Friday night

  • The Grapevine: Wine and cheese shop in the heart of Lake Arrowhead village overlooking the lake. Ask about their wine flights 🙂

  • Arrowhead Bar : DJ and dancing

  • Rim Bowling : Saturday night is glow bowling 😉

Things To Do in Lake Arrowhead

Hiking – Arrowhead Ranger – 909-337-2444 & online hiking trails at

Lake Arrowhead Beach Clubs

  • Tavern Bay Beach Club – 28399 North Shore Rd., Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 -Sandy beaches, lounge chairs; playground areas, and snack bars.

  • Burnt Mill Beach Club – 27910 Lakes Edge Rd., Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 – Cozy sandy beach

Lake Arrowhead Village

  • Shops and restaurants

  • live music summer weekends – Friday & Saturday beginning May 18 through Labor Day. 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

  • Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour- learn the history of Arrowhead while gazing in awe at the mansions on water 😉

  • Stop by Mountain Arts Gallery and buy some duck food – kids love this 😉

  • Fishing in Lake Arrowhead. Use the Access Pass to get a fishing license for the day at Arrowhead Sporting Goods.

Lake Gregory :Waterpark – largest water park in San Bernardino, activities for kids ages 5-12 every 3rd Saturday of the month and a beach cafe.

Grass Valley Park: located very close to Altitude Adjustment with a small beach and fishing access. 629 Golf Course Rd, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Sky Park at Santa’s Village : The nostalgia of Santa’s Village and bike trails, rock climbing walls, roller skating, Zip-line, Archery, Bungee Jumping, Fantasy Forest, Hiking, and fishing

Blue Jay Cinema : Movie theatre


  • The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer