Savannah, or shall I say Slow-vannah

In December, the family packed our bags and took a flight to North Carolina, where our road trip began. From North Carolina we headed to Charleston, South Carolina (chaaarrming!)

And then we were off to Savannah, Georgia to visit “Old America” (Savannah airbnb) in the historic district. Spending time in this enchanted city put us right on the Slow-vannah track – a major plus was hanging out with our family that lives here!

Backstory: About a year & a half ago, I began the search for a triplex/fourplex in Savannah for a long term rental. Never did I think this city would sweep me off my feet…. After being in Savannah a few days, the search quickly turned into a vacation home rental search 😉

Between the music scene, the history and the food, you WILL enjoy yourself and you should get yourself there. Next, glance below for a list of things to do in Savannah.


The Collins Quarter – Casual cafe that Excels in breakfast, while offering a farm to table menu 😉

Zunzi’s – If your looking for a quick bite while wanting an experience for your tastebuds, stop here! Although I can’t promise that you’ll be able to pick up your sandwich without needing a fork if you go for the popular choice (The Godfather) A foodtruck without wheels.

The Old Pink House Restaurant – This traditional Southern restaurant is set in a historic home, which is always fun 😉

Alligator Soul – This underground restaurant was once a grain warehouse – 10 points for atmosphere! The Southern food has an organic farm to table menu. Top notch service and excellent food!

Gallery Espresso – You must come here for your coffee and tea 😉 You can even buy coffee grinds and take them back to “Old America” Oh and did I mention the desserts…. 😉

Matte Factor – Our first time trying Matte was in Argentina, and this place has created an assortment of Matte options 🙂 (Perfect for the caffeine lover) If your going to be making a trip to the grocery store (Kroger) make sure to make a stop to Matte Factor on the way 😉


Six Pence Pub – I may have a bit of bias, as the the name of this pub is the name of the band that was playing while my husband and I first kissed 😉 Buuuut, can you really go wrong with an Irish bar?

In Vino Veritas – Wine bar with 24 taps of wine and 12 taps of beer 😉 And 1/2 price wine bottles during their weekday happy hour.

McDonough’s – The best karaoke, open till 3am, and they serve food late… need I say more?

River Street – This street offers bars and restaurants galore and good for people watching 😉


The Cathedral of St John the Baptist – Quite impressive and a nice quiet break

Forsyth Park – large park in the middle of the city with the iconic Spanish Moss trees

SCAD Museum/Art Locations – the SCAD museum (also part of the college) is a great museum if you’re into art. There are also multiple art locations throughout the city; one on the corner of “Old America” 😉

Chippewa Square – One of the charm’s of this city are the square’s. This one in particular has 2 pro’s. 1. It’s next to the coffee shop (Gallery Espresso) and it’s the square where Tom Hanks sits on the famous bench in Forest Gump.

Chocolat by Adam Turoni – If your looking for a chocolate experience like never before. Check this place out; also next to Gallery Espresso 😉

Trolly Tours – You can hop on and off the trolly’s while getting the history of the city – great way to start the trip if your interested in the history.


Antique Shops – Sooo many good antiques shops throughout the city! Too many to name, but once you go into one, ask for the map of antique stores as most stores have it 😉

Broughton St – Fashion + Food and your sure to have a good day


Kroger – Large grocery store if your looking to buy loads of essentials

Smith Brother’s Butcher Shop – Quality meat, wine and cheese. There are also an assortment of veggies and a sandwich shop in the back 😉

Parker’s – If your looking for an upscale convenience store with essentials and good wine, beer and cheese, this is the place.

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