As more people continue to travel, more and more opportunities are opening up for investment companies and real estate brokers to purchase and invest in vacation rentals.

There has been an exceptional surge in the real estate and housing market, and real estate brokers are cashing in on their success! Venture Yours can assist you and your brokerage with acquiring accurate information about amazing rental property opportunities.

At Venture Yours, we offer valuable and worthwhile vacation rental information to interesting properties. Our main focus is vacation rental management. Not only can we give you a sneak peek of what vacation properties are available, but we can create a personalized plan to decrease the workload on your bookings and response time.

Vacation rental bookings are increasing in popularity because of the supercharged revenue and opportunities from owning and renting them out! This increases profit margins when looking at highly touristic states, such as Florida, California, and Hawaii. The best part about vocational rental management is that it is effortless! There are no long-term contracts that force you, the investment brokerage, to keep one renter. Instead, applications and software programs like Airbnb make listing property rentals for the short term fast, easy, and safe.

Although you have control and ownership over your property, Venture Yours can offer you a hassle-free service where we take over and maximize the profits you can earn on your short-term vacation rentals. How do we do this? Easy! Our investment and vacation rental specialists are frequently researching and keeping updated on local legislation and ordinances, so you don’t have to. If anything affects the vacation rental industry, we will make the appropriate changes to your rental vacation plan.

This passive income is an opportunity to grow and make as much as possible. While you can set your limits and per night costs, we can also do this through calculations and research. First, we research the area where your vacation rental is listed. Then, after reviewing multiple similar listings, we average the nightly cost and set the nightly cost to maximize profits.

Most of the time, homeowners and investment brokerage companies struggle and dislike the idea of keeping up with bookings and listings. Thankfully, at Venture Yours, we take care of all the bookings and keep the schedule as open or closed as desired. You tell us what you want, and we can make it happen with our expert strategies and unique industry-leading tools.

Do you know how easy our rental investment process is? In just four steps, you can earn money each month!

The first step is to decide whether essential or complete management is needed. This is decided upon certain factors like your desired income as well as the flexibility and availability of the rental.

Once a decision has been made, we can move on together to get to the nitty-gritty parts of the process. A home inspection is absolutely necessary to provide relief and safety to you, us, and potential short-term rentals. The second step step is to schedule a home inspection your home. Once this clears, you are on the last final two steps!

During step 3, a hired professional photographer comes out to your home and takes spotless and beautiful pictures. If staging is needed, we can take care of this! As soon as the edited images are in, the final step is for us to upload them to short-term rental websites like Airbnb and place the listings as on! When this is in, let the earnings begin!

Most rental properties sell on their own, considering the location and overall aesthetic of the home. When extra work and help are needed, though, we have you covered! Marketing is absolutely necessary for listed rental homes to soar and catch the interest of the desired market! Instead of simply sharing it with friends and family, we can create, design, and implement a personalized marketing plan for your short-term and ethical rental home.

Using updated and useful search engine optimization and online paid ads, we can have your rental listing appear easier. Venture Yours is truly a one-stop-shop for investment brokers and real estate investors looking for vacation rental information! The less you have on your plate, the more money and time you have to enjoy life and continue investing in new properties. By taking away the stress of handling bookings, cleanings, questions, and marketing, we can give you financial freedom and successful growth. At the end of the day, you will feel relaxed, confident, and ready to grow your short-term rental property with us!

If you are a property owner or real estate professional looking for a vacation rental management company, schedule a call with us here.